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Innerlife STS system is an online, knowledge-based, expert system that is designed for use by mental health clinicians.
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Innerlife STS is organized around research-established principles that have been scientifically demonstrated to evoke positive changes.
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Innerlife STS for Medical Professionals and Clinics

Medical professionals are normally the first professionals that patients turn to when faced with any sort of health condition. This is because most health conditions manifest as physical ailments. Many or most health conditions and diseases have a mental component -- especially cancer, diabetes, and substance addiction. Sadly, many medical clinics do not have a mental health clinician on staff. And, it is often not standard protocol to investigate how a physical manifestation of a devastating health condition might have mental origins.

Innerlife STS addresses this problem by offering an easy and cost-effective system that medical professionals and clinics can use to quickly and inexpensively assess any patient's mental health status when facing the possibility that a disease condition may have mental origins or components. Medical doctors and clinics can do all of their mental health assessments using the Innerlife STS cloud mobile platform -- even if the practice or clinic does not have a mental health professional on staff. They can just simply tell their patients to download the STS Patient Client Mobile App from the Apple App Store, log in, and respond to the items that come to the screen. Once assessed, the medical professional or clinic will have a full mental health assessment of the patient in their Innerlife STS Clinician Account. It is easy, fast, and inexpensive. And, the STS Patient Client Mobile App will automatically remind the patient when to take their update assessment without even involving their doctor.

The Innerlife STS System:

  • Automatically, instantaneously, and inexpensively assesses and evaluates patients to determine their mental health status.
  • Acts as an "in-house" mental health care professional
  • Gives doctors insight into how a health condition that manifests as physical might have a mental health component
  • The STS Patient Client mobile app automatically reminds patients when to take their update assessments.
  • Enables medical doctors and clinics to be more productive, comprehensive, and effective.


Patients can download the STS Patient Client Mobile App
for iPhone and iPad by searching "STS Patient Client" in the
Apple App Store.


Patients can take all of their assessments using the Innerlife STS cloud mobile platform. They can either use the STS Patient Client mobile app for iPhone and iPad, or they can use the web-based patient app on Either app works for both the initial (intake) assessment and for follow-up assessments and the two apps can be used interchangeably throughout the course of treatment. The Innerlife STS System automatically tracks the patient's progress in all primary symptom areas and in all secondary symptom measures for which the patient tested at clinically significant levels upon their first assessment.


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