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Innerlife STS is a cloud-based clinical platform for treatment reports, analytics, documentation, and outcome tracking for mental health care. Innerlife STS creates and composes conceptualized narratives and builds them into professional-grade reports. These reports are designed for use by mental health professionals, primary care physicians, and justice system professionals and include Mental Health Assessment Reports, Mental Health Treatment Reports, and Forensic Evaluation Reports. To get started, Register for a Professional Clinician Account. read more

Innerlife STS is for clinical professionals and provides both free and value-priced tools for clinical use. These tools may be used for assessment, research, teaching, clinical care, or to build a private practice patient base. Patient assessment is free. So, are a host of other capabilities. Clinical professionals may create accounts for themselves and their patients for use anywhere in the world. To get started Register for a Professional Clinician more
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Innerlife STS is based on scientific research. To get started, Register for a Professional Clinician Account Here. To learn about our scientific background click here
Our publications summarize the scientific evidence for Innerlife STS. To get started, Register for a Professional Clinician Account Here. To see our publications, click here
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